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What Types of Compensation Can I Get if I am Paralyzed in an Automobile Accident?

Automobile accidents cause serious injuries to drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. Sometimes, accidents can cause spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis. This can be devastating for the family of the injured person. Besides medical expenses, there are numerous other costs and struggles associated with the loss of mobility, many of which insurance companies either do not consider in their compensation calculations or significantly undervalue.

If you or a loved was involved in an automobile accident as a result of someone’s negligence and you were left paralyzed, you can seek recovery for your physical, emotional and financial pain. An experienced Texas automobile accident lawyer can help you recover compensation from the negligent driver.

Types of Compensation You Can Receive for Paralysis

In your personal injury claim against a negligent driver, you can recover these types of compensation:

  1. Medical Expenses – You can recover damages for all the treatment costs you underwent after the accident. These include costs of medical tests, hospitalization, surgery, medication, therapy, chiropractic care and nursing support. They also include wheelchair costs and future medical costs for continuous monitoring and treatment by doctors.

  1. Physical Pain – If the car accident caused you great physical pain, you can be compensated for this. Physical pain can be the result of back injuries, spine injuries, bone fractures, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries or cuts and gashes. These injuries must be proved in court. It is therefore recommended that you keep copies of your medical reports and medical receipts. You can also recover for future pain.

  1. Mental Suffering – No one ever imagines they will be paralyzed. In addition to the physical pain, it can be psychologically traumatizing. You can recover damages for the mental suffering the paralysis has caused you.

  1. Physical Impairment – The loss of mobility means you will not be able to do many of the things you did before like gardening and swimming with your children. Because you are restricted from enjoying life as you used to, you can recover damages for this.

  1. Lost Wages – If you were employed or engaged in an income-generating activity and the accident caused you to spend days or even months away from work, you can recover damages for lost wages or earnings.

  1. Loss of Earning Capacity – This relates to future earnings. It is recoverable if your ability to perform work or engage in an income-generating activity has been severely affected by your paralysis. This compensation is available to you even if you were unemployed at the time of the accident as it compensates you for lost future earnings.

  1. Loss of Consortium – This compensation is recoverable if, as a result of your surgery, you lose your ability to engage in marital relations.

If you or someone you love has been left paralyzed after a car accident, consult with the Texas automobile accident lawyers at The Tony Nguyen Law Firm. We will fight consistently and aggressively for your compensation.


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