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Five Tips to Choosing the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcyclists under the age of 21 years must wear a motorcycle helmet in Texas. Riders 21 years of age and older are not required to wear a motorcycle helmet if they have completed a motorcycle training and safety course or they are covered by health insurance that pays for medical costs if they are injured in a motorcycle crash. However, just because you are not required by law to wear a motorcycle helmet does not mean that you should not wear one each time you ride your motorcycle.

According to the NHTSA, motorcycle helmets saved the lives of 1,859 motorcyclists in 2016. It is estimated that another 802 deaths could have been avoided if the riders had been wearing a motorcycle helmet. As a Texas motorcycle accident attorney, we see the devastation caused by motorcycle accidents. While a motorcycle helmet may not prevent all injuries, it can significantly reduce your risk of a life-threatening death. However, choosing the right motorcycle helmet is important to increase the protection a helmet can offer a rider in an accident.

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Motorcycle Helmet

  1. Choose a helmet based on your riding habits: If your motorcycle is your primary form of transportation, you want to invest in a higher end helmet that provides the highest level of comfort since you will wear it every day. However, if you ride on weekends with groups, you may want to invest in a helmet with built-in communication features. In other words, the helmet you choose should correspond with how you ride.
  1. Check the safety standards for the helmet: The price of a motorcycle helmet does not equal quality or safety. Some expensive helmets have a high price because they are fashion helmets. You should always check the safety rating for a helmet before you purchase the helmet.
  1. Buy a helmet at a store instead of online: One size does not fit all. Each motorcycle helmet has a slightly different shape, and each rider’s head is uniquely shaped. You should use sizing guides as a “guide.” Trying on a motorcycle helmet is the only way to know for sure how the helmet fits. Also, you may need to wear the helmet for a while to know if it is comfortable. Ask the store about return policies before purchasing the motorcycle helmet.
  1. Make sure you can see clearly: A motorcycle helmet should not impair your vision when riding your motorcycle. You should be able to see clearly through the visor. In addition, choose a motorcycle helmet that has anti-fog protection and an internal sun-visor to improve visibility when riding.
  1. Check the inner liners: Closely examine the padding inside the motorcycle helmet. A motorcycle helmet with a thin padding or no padding is not safe. You want to look for an inner lining of at least one inch or more. Hard polystyrene is a common lining used in many motorcycle helmets.

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