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Five Secrets The Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Texas, you have the right to file an injury claim against the driver or another party who caused the crash. However, because Texas is a “fault” state for insurance purposes, you must prove the other party was responsible for causing the crash and you were injured because of the crash. Therefore, insurance providers use several tactics to deny, delay, and undervalue valid accident claims to avoid paying accident victims the compensation they deserve. The insurance company does not want you to know this fact, so it uses subtle tactics to undermine your claim.

Our Texas automobile accident lawyers fight insurance companies for fair and just settlements in accident claims. We understand the tactics used by insurance adjusters and insurance providers to avoid paying your injury claim. Below are five of the common tactics insurance adjusters and companies use to undermine and jeopardize your insurance claim.

  1. You are not required to provide a written or recorded statement to open a claim: This tactic is a common tactic used by many adjusters to gain information from an accident victim before the victim has a chance to consult with a Texas automobile accident lawyer. “We cannot open your claim and get you the money you need to pay medical bills until you provide a recorded statement.” The insurance adjuster can open a claim without a formal statement. The purpose of a recorded statement is to gain information that could harm your chance of recovering full compensation. It is also to commit you to a statement when you may still be confused and recovering from a painful injury. Instead, you should work through an injury lawyer to protect your rights.

  1. You are not required to sign a medical release either: This tactic goes hand in hand with number one above. The adjuster wants to gain information about your medical history, including prior accidents and injuries, to use against you during your claim. The insurance company does not need access to your medical records to begin a claim or to pay medical bills. In fact, the company for the other driver is not going to pay ANY medical bills until the case is settled. Your attorney takes care of providing the medical records that are directly related to the claim to the insurance company.

  1. You can file an insurance claim without hurting your friend: Liability insurance is designed to pay accident victims when a driver causes an accident. Even if your friend was driving the vehicle, you can file a claim against his or her insurance provider without worrying that your friend will be required to pay a portion of the compensation paid for your claim. However, your friend’s insurance premium could increase, but that is not within your control and is a matter between your friend and the insurance provider.

  1. Quick settlements are not really in your best interest: An adjuster may attempt to convince you that he is doing you a favor by settling your injury claim quickly. He may tell you that he knows you need money to pay your expenses and bills and that an attorney will only take your money. However, accepting an initial offer, especially a quick offer, is typically not in your best interest. If you have not reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), you could incur substantial damages in the future, including additional medical expenses, lost wages, and permanent disability. If you settle your case now, you lose the right to file a claim for future damages. Always consult with a Texas automobile accident lawyer before accepting an insurance settlement to ensure it is in your best interest.

  1. The insurance adjuster does not work for you: Regardless of what the adjuster tells you, he does not work for you, even if you are dealing with your own insurance company. The adjuster’s job is to protect the interests of the company by paying as little as possible or even denying your claim. He will not act in your best interest. The insurance company has adjusters and a team of professionals protecting its interests; you need a team of legal professionals working even harder to ensure you receive a full and just settlement for your accident claim.

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