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3 Motorcycle Accident Causes

Motorcycles can be extremely dangerous. There is little protecting you from the road or other vehicles around you. While being that close to the road is part of the thrill of the ride, it also makes accidents even more severe than the average car crash. In fact, motorcycle accidents are up to 29 times more likely to result in a fatality compared to a passenger vehicle crash.

Because of the potential seriousness of motorcycle accidents, having a Texas motorcycle accident attorney to help with your potential legal claim can be very helpful. Your attorney can help you present your case while you focus on what really matters—recovering from your motorcycle crash.

While every accident is unique, motorcycle collisions often tend to have the same underlying causes. Many of these accidents are due to the fault of another driver on the road. Over half of all motorcycle accidents will involve another vehicle. Of those, a car hits the motorcycle in the front nearly 80 percent of the time.

1. Left-Hand Turns

Other drivers are not always on the lookout for smaller, often faster-moving motorcycles. That type of inattention can cause them to turn directly in front of a bike. Left-hand-turn accidents account for over 40 percent of all motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle.

A car driver may not realize when a motorcycle is passing them and turn straight into the rider. Cars may also be going straight through an intersection in the opposite direction when the driver makes a left turn in front of the biker.

In these types of accidents, the other driver will almost always be at fault—because they turned directly into the biker.

2. Speeding and Inattention

Passenger vehicles and trucks may not always see motorcyclists just because of the significant size differences between the cars. Bikers are often more likely to speed in some areas as well. The combination of these two factors can lead to accidents. Cars should take extra care to be on the lookout for bikers, and motorcyclists should try to be seen and follow the rules of the road.

Keep in mind that a motorcyclist can be partially responsible for an accident too. If you are speeding or in the wrong lane at the time the accident occurs, that can mean that you are somewhat at fault. That does not mean you cannot assert a legal claim, but it can affect the amount of damages you can receive.

3. Road Hazards

On many motorcycles, you will feel each and every bump in the road. While bumps in a car often don’t mean much, going over a pothole on a bike can cause you to lose control and may result in a crash. Sticks, dead animals, slick pavements, and unevenness in the road can all be a real danger to a motorcycle rider.

While you may not think these hazards could result in legal liability, there may be circumstances where they do. For example, if the road condition is poor because of inadequate or non-existence maintenance, you may have a claim against someone who was supposed to be doing the upkeep on the road. A Texas motorcycle attorney will be able to examine your situation and determine whether you have a claim.

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