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Do Head Injuries Lead to Long Term Brain Injuries?

Nationwide, traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of death and serious injury. The brain is the command center for the entire body and injury to it can have potentially devastating results. Researchers are only now uncovering the full effects of traumatic brain injuries or TBIs overtime. New research suggests that not only do TBIs impact your thinking and memory, they may also lead to dementia. Our Central Texas traumatic brain injury attorneys at Tony Nguyen Law Firm discuss the potential long term impacts of TBIs and your rights as a TBI accident victim below.

TBIS and Dementia

A new study conducted by a team of researchers at the Umea University in Sweden attempts to uncover the link between TBIs and dementia. Researchers studied three million Swedes over the age of 50 who were diagnosed with either a TBI or dementia. They compared subjects with TBIs to those without, and included those with a TBI to a sibling without one whenever possible.

The large study uncovered that there is about a 25 percent increased risk of dementia in those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. The link increased in the first year following the TBI, and the link persisted among sibling pairs. This revolutionary study adds to our evolving body of knowledge concerning traumatic brain injuries.

TBIs and CTE

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE has been in the news in recent years. CTE is a progressive brain disease found in individuals with repeated head trauma. Ten years ago, little knowledge existed about CTE. Now, researchers have discovered that CTE is found in an alarming number of pro football players and other competitive athletes.

CTE can cause depression, disorientation, and aggression in those who suffer from it. It is not easy to diagnose and can only be definitively identified after death. While the NFL has taken steps to minimize the potential for repeated head trauma in recent years, both adult and youth athletes remain at risk for TBIs.

TBIs are often caused by accidents, with car accidents and sports injuries forming the most common causes of TBIs. If you have suffered a TBI in an accident or while playing for a sports organization, you may be entitled to seek compensation for the losses you have suffered. Potential compensation could include coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing pain and suffering, and more.


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