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What Causes Burn Injuries in Truck Accidents?

Commercial trucks travel roadways across Texas every day.  Each year, hundreds of Texans are killed in fatal semi-truck accidents and thousands of others are injured.  The force of a truck accident can inflict serious injuries, but injuries can be even graver when one of the vehicles bursts into flames and the victim also suffers burn injuries.  Burns range in severity, with more extensive burns potentially requiring surgery and often leading to permanent disfigurement.  Anyone who has suffered a burn injury in a truck accident should contact an experienced Texas commercial truck accident attorney.

Causes of Burn Injuries in Texas Truck Crashes

Burn injuries may result from several different scenarios during a truck accident.  Passengers could suffer burns if exposed to:

  • Fire in a car or truck explosion
  • Toxic chemicals released from the truck
  • Electricity

Commercial trucks house massive fuel tanks that, when ruptured, can cause massive explosions.  Any unfortunate passengers in the way could be seriously burned.  Many trucks additionally haul toxic or flammable chemicals.  Chemical burns can result from the release of certain chemicals.  If you are involved in a truck accident, it is important to be aware of the potential for burn injuries and seek prompt treatment if you have suffered any type of burn.

Burn Classifications

Burns are classified based on their depth within the skin.  A first degree burn is superficial and will cause some inflammation, redness, and tender skin.  Second degree burns are deeper and come with additional pain, as well as blistering of the skin and redness.  Third degree burns involve all layers of the skin.  These injuries cause nerve and blood vessel damage, often leading to a white or leathery appearance and less pain.   Third degree burns will generally heal with scarring.

Treatment for burns varies depending on their cause, severity, and how much of the body is involved.  Potential treatments for serious burns include debriding, skin grafts, intravenous fluids, and ongoing monitoring. Some of these wounds will heal with lasting scars and nerve damage.  Burn injuries can be costly, making it imperative for truck accident victims to consult with a truck accident attorney to protect their legal rights.


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