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Motorcycles continue to be a popular way to travel, and bikers share the highways with larger, heavier motor vehicles and trucks, which can sometimes be inconsiderate to those traveling on a bike. While motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of traveling outside of a car or truck, collisions often lead to catastrophic and fatal injuries. If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney by your side on the long road to recovery.

The Tony Nguyen Law Firm is the premier personal injury firm serving clients in Travis County, Austin and the Central Texas Area. We fight for the rights of injured motorcyclists and help accident victims obtain meaningful compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries

Motorcycle accidents are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Inexperienced riders

  • Speeding

  • Lane splitting

  • Tailgating

  • Mechanical failures

  • Poor weather and road conditions

More often than not, the front of the motorcycle impacts another vehicle or obstacle, often with tragic consequences. Bikers can suffer a wide range of injuries such as broken bones, road rash, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and disfigurement.

Motorcyclists who fail to wear helmets and other protective gear are more susceptible to being seriously injured. Not only do injured bikers suffer severe physical and emotional pain, they also will face expensive medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Some may be left paralyzed, unable to walk or ride again, while motorcycle fatalities leave behind grieving loved ones.

Is lane splitting legal in Texas?

Lane splitting, a common practice among many experienced bikers, occurs when a motorcyclist rides over the painted dashed lines in the road to pass between slow moving motor vehicles. While the Texas Transportation Code requires operators of vehicles to drive within a single lane and not move from the lane unless it can be done safely, there has been an ongoing debate as to whether the law applies to motorcycles. Moreover, some studies indicate lane splitting, if done safely, can reduce the number of rear-end rider fatalities. While the Texas legislature has recently considered making lane splitting legal, there is currently no statute that permits lane splitting. Until such a law is enacted, it can be difficult for a motorcyclist to recover damages for accident injuries that occur while lane splitting.

Fighting for the Rights of Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Austin, you may be able to recover damages, but determining who is at fault can be difficult. In some accidents, each party may share some of the liability which can make assessing financial responsibility challenging. At the Tony Nguyen Law Firm, our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to resolve these complex issues.

We will conduct a thorough investigation, obtain and challenge the police report, and identify and interview witnesses as we build your case. We will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain the compensation you deserve. If the insurer fails to make a reasonable offer, we are prepared to litigate the matter in court. Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Don't go it alone. Contact our office today at 1-800-35-TEXAS for a free consultation.

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