Tony Nguyen, Principal Attorney & Founder

When I first started Tony Nguyen Law Firm, PLLC, I was a solo practitioner who worked in a small office. It was myself and my part-time assistant, Michelle.  Sometimes, I worked 20 hour days; locating and interviewing witnesses who worked graveyard shifts, late night discovery sessions, and then early morning court appearances were the norm. 

Those early days were a struggle, and I recall that in the early years of Tony Nguyen Law Firm, I wasn’t sure that my newly created business would survive.  In those days, I was doing court and insurance appointed work, shaking hands and making the connections that would later be the foundation of Tony Nguyen Law Firm; such work, unfortunately, does not sufficiently help meet the costs of running a new business.

Meeting payroll was a struggle.  Michelle, to whom I am forever grateful, did not know about the sleepless nights that I endured.  Sometimes, I met payroll by taking out credit card loans or other high interest loans.  The biggest expense happened when, to prosecute a lawsuit, my clients’ testifying doctor wanted a large amount of money for one day of testimony.  Again, I used a high interest loan to pay the doctor.  I got the doctor to testify, and we won the case after a jury verdict. 

On a side note, if you ever see my commercials and wonder all my free loans are interest free, it’s because I detest and absolutely hate high interest loans. I understand what it’s like to be trapped in a cycle of high interest growing debt. I also know what it’s like to have bills approaching.  I can empathize with my clients who are going through tough times.

As the years went by, the hard and tenacious work that I performed on behalf of my clients led to more clients.  Clients were referring new clients.  I made promises and kept those promises.  If I threatened to sue a person who injured my client, then I sued them.  When I sued someone, I did it mercilessly.  When a defendant tried to deny that they caused an accident that nearly crushed my client’s skull, I sued the person on their honeymoon, despite their protestations.  Yea, that case settled real fast afterwards.

One day, Michelle said, “We need a bigger office, we have a lot of clients, oh, and we need new employees”.   From there Tony Nguyen Law Firm, PLLC grew.  My plan worked: do good work first, and success will follow.

Today, I have the resources, personnel, experience, and connections to prosecute the biggest cases.  Money is never an obstacle to justice.  I will do everything I can to win your case.  I will be relentless, merciless, and resolute. 

So, if you need help, you know where to find me.

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