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A Truck Accident Lawyer Who Can Help

A collision with a commercial truck, such as an 18-wheeler, is often significantly more dangerous than a car accident involving two or more passenger cars. Due to the sheer size of trucks, or as often called ‘big rigs’, these accidents can be fatal. Still, those that make it out of a truck accident and their loved ones may suffer from long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences following the accident.

As a truck accident lawyer in Austin, TX, I can steer you through each step of the legal process and help you receive the compensation you deserve. At Tony Nguyen Law Firm, we are dedicated to fighting for your case to make the at-fault party compensate you for the damage.

To file a truck accident claim, simply contact us to book a free case evaluation. We will help you understand your legal options, choose the best course of action, and legally represent you on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Does My Case Qualify?

Typically, truck accidents are some of the most difficult road accidents to recover from. If you have doubts about your case, the factors below can help you determine whether your truck accident claim is worth pursuing.

The most common types of truck accident injuries that we help our clients receive compensation for include:

Too often, the behavior of negligent truck drivers and truck companies leads to catastrophic accidents. You might have a claim worth pursuing if your truck accident happened because of one or more of the following reasons:

Can I Still File a Truck Accident Claim?

The statute of limitations determines the legal time limit to file a truck accident claim. In Texas, the statute of limitations for truck accidents is two years. This means that after the day of the truck accident, you have two years to file your claim. If you miss this deadline, you may no longer receive compensation.

If you aren’t sure whether you can still file a truck accident claim, contact us for a free case assessment. We will discuss your legal options and help you determine whether you still qualify for receiving compensation.

File a Truck Accident Claim in Austin, TX

Were you injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident in Austin, Texas? Tony Nguyen Law Firm can help you receive your rightful compensation for your injuries, financial losses, emotional distress, and more. Contact us to book a free case evaluation today.

Compensation For Truck Accident Damage

Truck accidents often result in serious physical, financial, emotional, or mental distress. Depending on the severity of your truck accident case, we can help you receive compensation for:

  • Current and future medical expenses, including hospital stays, physical therapy, medication, and more
  • Property damage, such as car repair or replacement costs
  • Loss of current income and earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Home remodeling expenses in case of impaired mobility
  • Lowered quality of life
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Funeral and burial expenses

How Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Help You?

Filing a truck accident claim in Austin, TX is a complicated, stressful, and time-consuming process. Working with a truck accident lawyer, however, allows you to save a lot of time and energy, so you can focus on your recovery.

An experienced truck accident lawyer is capable of successfully handling all of the steps involved in the legal process. These steps include evaluating your truck accident case, gathering evidence, negotiating your settlement, and more. If necessary, a truck accident lawyer can also take your case to court and legally represent you.

How to Pick the Right Truck Accident Lawyer in Austin

Although there are many truck accident lawyers in Austin, TX, not all of them can help with your case. To pick a truck accident lawyer that is worthy of your trust and time, consider the following factors:

Experience. A lawyer that has plenty of experience with truck accident cases in Austin, TX is more competent to legally represent you.

Effective communication. Filing a truck accident claim can be a complicated process, so look for a lawyer that effectively guides you through the process.

Interest in your case. To make sure the lawyer will do everything in their power to help you receive compensation, choose a truck accident lawyer that shows genuine interest in your case.

“No-win, no-fee.” The best truck accident lawyers in Austin, Texas will only charge you if they win your case.

I Filed a Truck Accident Claim. What’s Next?

Contact Tony Nguyen Law Firm in Austin, TX to book a case evaluation. We will assess your truck accident case and help you determine your legal options free of charge.

If your truck accident case qualifies, we will help you gather all the necessary documents and evidence to help you get compensated for your damage. Keeping a journal of your injuries, any pain & symptoms you’re having, etc. can be very useful when gathering evidence.

Once we’re done with all the legal procedures, we will notify the defendant that they’re being sued. We will send the necessary documents to the defendant’s lawyer or insurance company on your behalf. After sending out the Claim Notification Form (CNF), the defendant will have 21 days to acknowledge it.

The defendant will have three months to gather their evidence and negotiate a settlement after acknowledging that they have received the CNF. After that, we will begin the negotiation process and handle it for you.

Finally, we will strive to win the case and get you the compensation you deserve. We will do this either by getting the at-fault party to take responsibility for the truck accident or by taking the case to court where we will legally represent you.

File a Truck Accident Claim in Austin, TX

Were you injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident in Austin, Texas? Tony Nguyen Law Firm can help you receive your rightful compensation for your injuries, financial losses, emotional distress, and more. Contact us to book a free case evaluation today.

FAQ About Truck Accident Cases

Unless the court determines you were more than 51% at fault for causing the truck accident, you may still be qualified to receive compensation according to Texas Law. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t give any statements or information to anyone except your truck accident lawyer and your insurance company before consultations.

Some of the most common truck accident injuries which you can claim compensation for in Austin, TX are back & neck injuries, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and broken bones. You can also receive compensation for wrongful death if you’ve lost a loved one in a truck accident. If you aren’t sure which injuries you can claim compensation for, contact us to get a free case assessment.

To start your truck accident claim with Tony Law Firm, contact us for a free case assessment. If your case qualifies, we will discuss your legal options and represent your case on a no-win, no-fee basis.

A no-win, no-fee truck accident claim means that you will not pay any attorney fees if we don’t win your case.

Every truck accident case is different, so the amount of compensation you can receive from your truck accident claim will depend on several factors. These include the severity of your truck accident, insurance policy limits, the effects of the truck accident on your work and personal life, and similar.

The time it takes to file a truck accident claim varies from case to case. In most cases, it takes up to a month to file a truck accident claim. That said, it can take anywhere from several months to a year to settle the case.

It usually takes about a month for the defendant or their insurance company to pay out the compensation in Austin, TX.

If you were injured in a truck accident and want to file a truck accident claim, you are required to undergo an Independent Medical Examination (IME) with an independent third-party physician.

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