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What Should I DO if I am Hit By a Texting Driver?

According to some lawmakers, this year could be the year that Texas finally passes a law banning drivers from texting while behind the wheel. Currently, all but four states in America have some sort of law in place that makes it illegal to text while driving.  Several states have taken it a step further and banned all use of cell phones by drivers.  Texas has remained in the minority of states yet to take decisive action on the issue of distracted driving.  Our Austin, Texas automobile accident attorneys discuss the potential texting while driving law and what you should do if you are injured by a suspected distracted driver.

House Bill 62

House Bill 62 is a piece of legislation that proposes banning texting while driving.  The bill is referred to as the Alex Brown Memorial Act after a teenager from a Texas high school who was killed while texting and driving.  For many, passage of the law is overdue.  It is estimated that 3,500 people are killed annually due to texting and driving in Texas.  Dozens of cities have taken measures to ban texting and driving, but there is no overall statewide ban.

House Bill 62 would make it a criminal offense to use a wireless communication device to read, write, or send an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle unless the vehicle is stopped.  Violations of the law will result in fines of up to $99 for first time offenders.  Opponents to the law, however, feel that it encroaches on individual liberties.

Your Rights as a Distracted Driving Accident Victim

It can be difficult to determine whether a driver is distracted at the time of a car accident.  If you are injured in an automobile crash and suspect the driver could have been distracted, contact our car accident lawyers as soon as possible.  Our firm will take swift action to investigate the accident and uncover evidence of distraction, which could include subpoenaing cell phone records. Victims of distracted driving accidents may be entitled to receive compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. 


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