ways to lose an auto accident case

Top 5 Ways to Lose an Auto Accident Case

You can make a lot of mistakes in an auto accident case. Making one or two wrong moves can force you to get a meager settlement or even lose your case in court. Thankfully, your Texas auto accident lawyer will help you avoid these mistakes, but you should also read through the below tips and information, so you know of the most common errors to avoid.

1. Discuss the case with the other driver, driver’s attorney, or their insurance company.

Talking to an insurance company can completely undermine your case. Answering just a few “quick questions” can lead you to say something you did not mean if you aren’t careful. You should give factual details to the police and then decline to talk to anyone else except your attorney about the matter. You will likely be able to speak to the other side when your attorney is present, such as in a deposition or mediation.

2. Lie about the incident or your injuries.

You should never lie about your car accident. It’s easy for an insurance company or the police to catch you in a lie and that can make you seem untrustworthy. Lying on the stand in front of a jury is one of the worst possible things you can do in your case, but lying at any point isn’t a good idea.

3. Brag about your case on social media.

Never, ever go on social media and talk about how much money you are going to get out of your car accident case. An insurance company or an attorney can get this information and use it against you—it definitely won’t look good to a jury that you appear greedy. They may think that you are fabricating your case just to get money. In fact, you shouldn’t talk about your car accident case on social media at all.

4. Miss doctor’s appointments.

Your medical records are a big part of your car accident case. Your doctor provides unbiased evidence of your treatment, recovery progress, and a description of how severe your injuries really are. Without this type of information, it’s really just your word to describe your injuries. In addition, if you don’t go to the doctor as you should, the insurance company will likely try to argue that your injuries aren’t that serious. The argument is that if you had severe injuries, you would be going to the doctor as recommended.

5. Try to represent yourself without a lawyer.

Your Texas auto accident attorney will protect you from yourself in a lot of ways during your car accident case. He or she also has experience and knowledge that you likely just don’t have. Your attorney will be able to talk to the insurance company on your behalf, negotiate a fair settlement, and represent you in court. The chances of you making a mistake without a lawyer are high, and you don’t want to put your recovery after an accident at risk.

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